Capitals – Blues Pregame – First of Three at Home

The Caps will play their first of three home preseason games Friday nights. Catch the game on NHL or better yet, CSN-DC at 7 pm.

Here are your players for tonight:

And the projected lines:

We’ll be watching these prospects to see how they are coming along after a week of training camp:

Vrana – will we see a repeat performance? Can he score again?

Stephenson– will he make the most of those second opportunity? They seem to like him but he hasn’t nailed it yet.

Boyd – will he standout more tonight?

The real test is for the defensemen. Which fella will be the standout tonight:





And how about Chorney. You folks seem to still wonder if he is the best selection for a defenseman. 

Holtby and Copley will share the net.

Mel will be taking photos tonight so be sure to check back after the game for our assessment and her photos!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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