The Phone Booth is No More: Caps Fans Have Suggestions for New Nicknames


Monumental Sports made it official today: Verizon Center is gone and the naming rights have been granted to Capital One. Rumors started swirling last week that the change was coming and all the paperwork was signed today. Capital One Arena will continue as a concert venue and host games for “Washington Capitals, Washington Mystics, Washington Valor, Washington Wizards and Georgetown men’s basketball,” according to the press release. New signs should be up this fall –maybe in time for Caps opening day.

For old-time fans, it may seem like we are going back in time. When the Capitals came on the scene in 1974 they played at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland. Also known as the “Cap Centre” we can see many fans gravitating toward “Caps Arena” or back to “Cap Centre” as we all get used to the name.

The Cap Centre housed the Capitals until Abe Pollin had the vision to brings sports and new life to the heart of Washington DC with the construction of the MCI Center which opened in 1997. It has been home to the Wizards and Capitals ever since.  Abe later added the Mystics to teams calling MCI Center/Verizon Center home.  It has been known as Verizon Center since 2006.

That said, there are all kinds of new nicknames floating around:

The ATM:  Cause you know there will be more in the arena now!

The Wallet: Never come here without one full of cards or cash!

The Loan Booth: ’cause some of us need a loan to keep our season tickets these days.

The Vault: Because we have so much money locked up in the place every season.

The Money Pit:  Since we have some much money locked up in the place every season–and nothing to show for it.

And still others had some not so grand thoughts on the matter…

Well, you get the idea. Fans JUST WANT THE CUP!!! 

Also hidden in the fine print of today’s announcement are details about a new pricing and paying system:

This summer, MSE also plans to move to a new point of sale system — which will be a great first step toward faster lines and additional payment options for fans, as well as better analytics and data that will allow MSE to better tailor the arena experience to each fan.  The new point of sale system will also enable MSE to offer Capital One cardholders automated discounts on food, beverage, merchandise and more.

Let’s hope part of the improvement includes better WiFi connectivity!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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