Alex and Nastya Ovechkin: A Love Story for All Caps Fans

This past weekend we saw just how incredibly in love Alex and Nastya Ovechkin are when they celebrated their marriage in a BIG way. The two-day event began with a lovely ceremony and ended with an boat cruise with close friends and fireworks, because, why not!?!?!?!?

img_0544But before there were all the fireworks on the river, there were fireworks between these two lovebirds. We all remember that Alex was previously engaged and felt so bad for him when he failed to make it to the altar that time. So when we saw that first shy post on his Intagram account, we were hopeful that he had found love again.

Pretty soon they were posting pictures that revealed the budding romance. We were fingers-crossed that this was going to bring our captain lasting joy. By now most of his teammates were getting married and having children.

img_0514 In an interview with Sov Sport, Nastya revealed that they met for the first time in 2008 at an Olympics Committee meeting–she was 15 at the time. They became friends, often talking via phone. In February 2015 the two met again in Los Angeles and they realized that they were much more than friends. Alex became more acquainted with her family and quickly won their approval for the relationship. And she became close to his family too, which is important for Alex who is very close to both parents.

Before you knew it, Nastya was a fixture on her Sasha’s arm – traveling on vacations and to award ceremonies in Las Vegas. She became part of the Caps crowd at Kettler and Verizon Center. She and Dmitry Orlov’s wife, Varvara, are great friends, knowing each other before they were involved with the hockey players.

Nastya is accomplished in her own rights. She had a successful career as a model and still does occasional work. She explained in the Sov Sport article that she “graduated from the VGIK, I have received a specialty producer.” In other articles she has said that her priority is being at her husband’s side and therefore, has not further pursued her career in that area because it would mean time apart.

She enjoys living in Washington and those in the area often run into them at the mall, the pet store, or hanging out around McLean, VA where they make their home. They are always cordial to Ovechkin’s fans.

img_0525You know something special is happening when a girl bonds with her guy’s pooch!

Nastya was the first to break the news of their engagement with the reveal of her gorgeous round-cut diamond ring in September 2015. Then came the long wait for the wedding.  img_0527

“This is happiness.” By August 28, 2016 they posted a picture with their wedding rings. Friends confirmed with us that they were married in a very private ceremony and would plan a larger celebration the following summer.

Mrs. Ovechkin is part of the Capitals community, participating in wives and girlfriend events. And of course, there is the sweet relationship she has with young Jonas – son of Sigi and Marissa Smily.

Finally, there was the weekend-long dynamite celebration of their marriage with most of Moscow., that we had been waiting for. Click here and here for more photos. 

It has been fun to see their love blossom. Thankfully, they both love social media and have given us a glimpse of their special love and life together. We wish them many blessings as their love, and family, grows. Ovi has always talked about wanting a big family so we are hoping that will be the next big news from this lovely couple!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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