Capitals Fans on Signing Kuzy and Bura


With the announcement Tuesday that the Caps have now signed Andre Burakovsky, we thought we would share our thoughts and see how y’all are feeling too.

We weren’t really surprised that Evgeny Kuznetsov was signed to a long-term contract. As with TJ Oshie, we were a bit taken aback that it was for eight years. Add in the new contract with Dmitry Orlov for six years and we are confused. Bura only signed a two-year deal, leaving the door open for the Caps to reconsider their future with him as they weigh his performance against some of the rookies they will add to the the 2017 roster. There is a lot being said about the Capitals and all these deals – deals driven by a salary cap that has a strangle hold on them.

Ryan Kennedy of Hockey News has a pretty good discussion about the pros and cons of these deals–ok mostly the cons. We see his point though.

Devils general manager called it “You’re making decisions and rearranging the furniture.” Sportsnet

The Caps had to free up space, so out went Marcus Johansson – a proven performer–for the ability to sign the long-term deal on Kuzy. Washington Times

CBS Sports questioned if the Caps are really better positioned for more than a second round run at the cup. We wonder too.

“Kuznetsov is now the second-highest-paid player on the team behind star captain Alex Ovechkin.” writes Isbelle Khurshudyana, Washington Post. 

And you too have your thoughts, pro and con about recent events:

About Burky


And General Reflection

ThePeerless had some points that made us think about the future.

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