Caps Development Camp: What To Expect 


The Washington Capitals announced the schedule for Development Camp on Monday. Development Camp is a time for Caps management to get a closer look at their drafts and prospects and see how they are coming along and where they best fit in the organization. For many, this is the first up close evaluation by the Caps and the first time management will really think about the future of their careers within the organization.

The roster can be found here. Print it and bring it with you to camp since most of these are new faces to us.

So what can you expect at camp? We’ve highlighted a few things and included photos from previous camps.

Who to watch?

The four newest drafts from Saturday: Tobias Geisser (46), Sebastian Walfridsson (48), Benton Maass (49), Kristian Roykas Marthinsen (51).

Colby Williams (38) from the Hershey Bears.

Jonas Siegenthaler (34) was on the radar last year.

Future goaliies? Adam Carlson (81), Collin Delian (39) , Michael Lackey (35), Mack Shields (80).

And of course, the star of last year’s Camp, Lucas Johansen (21).

What to do and when to go??

Tuesday: Everything starts with on ice drills at 9 am.

Fan Fest is 3 to 7 pm on the roof top. Click here for more info.|
Players join Fan Fest around 5:30 for interviews & Photos.
The Alumni Exhibition game begins at 7:30 on the Caps Ice

Wednesday: Camp starts a little later; 11 am on both rinks.
Goalies are on Caps Ice
Capitals Kids Clinic starts at 5 pm. Some players usually show up!

Thursday: Back to an early start at 9:15 on both rinks again.
It’s a shorter schedule with them likely wrapping up NLT 11 and having some fun.

Friday: Camp starts at 10:15 on both rinks and runs until about noon.

Saturday: 10 am. Best day for a SCRIMMAGE! See how they really play!

Get there early for your spot on the bleachers!!

Development Camp is one of the best weeks, not only to see and meet prospects, but to meet other Caps fans. Please be sure to come find us and say “Hello.”

And remember, things have changed around Ballston and we have the info you need for parking here. From Wednesday to Saturday, you should be able to park on the roof again.


Oh and if you are just hanging around Ballston, most of the prospects stay at the Residence Inn a couple of blocks away. So don’t be surprised to see Ballston awash with hockey players!! Be sure to stop and make them feel welcome — and share your photos with us on twitter @incoldplacesdc

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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