Caps and Fans: Best of Social Media Friday 23 June

We have moved on- mostly-from the Nate Schmidt draft. Today the draft opens up and though the Caps will mostly he watching the excitement, there is still room for trades and deals to be made.

But then just as we were getting ready to post this- we received the best news possible. The Caps have signed TJ Oshie.

Lyla we share your joy!!

Scroll down and you can read all the silly rumors about Oshie from today. We’re excited now – how about you?

The morning started with news that Nate won’t be traded so you are safe to plan your Vegas trip now. And after today, we’re moving on…

NHL draft starts tonight on NBCSN and 7 ET.

CSN reports: “Washington owns picks in the 4th (120th), 5th (151st), 6th (182nd) and 7th rounds (213rd).”

Did GMGM outplay GMBM ?

Oshie Rumors

Shattenkirk Rumors 

Oh MoJo:

And ICYMI – Jill Sorensen did a video of her best moments with Nate:

Ovi and the Mrs. getting cute:

Meet Karl Alzner tomorrow:

Fan Fest

We’ve got the best parts of Fan Fest and Alumni Game, including parking issue.

Save your pennies–ok dollars:

PSA for Metro riders:

BBQ time:

When it’s a slow news day- you look back at history:

And what y’all thought about things today


Blood drive next month:

More Nate:

Start your kids hockey career now:

Everyone wants Alzner


Oshie Reaction:

And finally- just ’cause we have a soft spot for Paul:

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