Nate Schmidt Leaves Caps Nest for Hot Hot Vegas

It’s official now.

No more Rumors.

Jill Sorenson confirmed.

We didn’t really think it could happen but there it is.

George McPhee took our beloved Nate Schmidt in the expansion draft.

Personally we are really really hot under the collar about this.

And pretty sick.

However, we only want the best for Nate and we know that GMGM will take good care of him for us.

Like Michael Latta before, we will follow after him and see how he does. It looks like we will be booking some cheap flights to Vegas to catch a glimmer of him playing.

Nate, you have been the best. You have lifted our spirts over and over. Your smile is infectious. You have a talent that is sure to grow and lead you toward new records.

We will miss you and hope that you will not soon forget us. Thanks for all the times you used our photos, including your profile pic. We’ll be out soon to take some new pictures for you.

Good luck buddy!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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