Reaction to Nate Schmidt VGK Draft

As you know by now, Nate Schmidt will be in a Golden Knights uniform–or some uniform that is a new Caps sweater.

And there was lots to be said about it by the pros and the fans.

Let’s start with media reports from official outlets:

Jill Sorenson broke the news: 

And fan reactions:

You get the idea. We love Nate and we are pretty pissed off at the Caps for not protecting him! 

And from our own photographer whose picture Nate frequently used on IG and for himself:

We’re done now– going to cry ourselves to sleep. 

Nate Schmidt Leaves Caps Nest for Hot Hot Vegas

It’s official now.

No more Rumors.

Jill Sorenson confirmed.

We didn’t really think it could happen but there it is.

George McPhee took our beloved Nate Schmidt in the expansion draft.

Personally we are really really hot under the collar about this.

And pretty sick.

However, we only want the best for Nate and we know that GMGM will take good care of him for us.

Like Michael Latta before, we will follow after him and see how he does. It looks like we will be booking some cheap flights to Vegas to catch a glimmer of him playing.

Nate, you have been the best. You have lifted our spirts over and over. Your smile is infectious. You have a talent that is sure to grow and lead you toward new records.

We will miss you and hope that you will not soon forget us. Thanks for all the times you used our photos, including your profile pic. We’ll be out soon to take some new pictures for you.

Good luck buddy!

Caps on Social Media: Wednesday 21 June

Wednesday is full of anticipation. Here’s what’s been happening so far. We’ll have a freash post following the Vegas Golden Knight draft and NHL awards.

Otherwise, here is what we have for day on Caps-specific stuff. 

We do know when our first home game is though:

Then this:

May be first former Caps player we think is signed – rumor has it

This should be fun!

CSN asks about fav save?

You can still donate in Oshie’s name:



Ovi hanging out again with pal Vitaly Fridzon. (Russian basketball star)

Getting ready for the NHL draft:

How about some ECHL news?

And some Bears:

Pretty funny:

Did you see the New Jersey by Adidas? No biggy.

Fan Tweets:

Praying to keep Schmidt. Us too!

In case you were wondering: 

Noon Vegas Golden Knight Twitter Rumors Update

It’s real now!!

We are counting the hours down with everyone else. Here is what we have been hearing:

How it works: 

The good and bad news for Caps fans:

Caps Open Season Oct 7. Are you ready?

The Washington Capitals announced its home opener will be Saturday, Oct. 7 vs. the Montreal Canadiens at 7 at Verizon.

We expect the usual festivities like a red carpet and fans celebrating hope for the new season! 

It will be great to see everyone again. 

The complete schedule will be released Thursday 22 June. 

In the meantime, don’t forget Development camp starts next week. More to follow.

Joel Ward off to Vegas??

Former Capitals player Joel Ward has been pretty popular on fantasy draft lists of late.

Joel played a pivotal role for the Caps during the regular and playoff season. He has been playing right wing with the San Jose Sharks since the Caps traded him in 2015. 

Could he find a new home with his former manager? We’ll find out tonight!

Caps Fans Anxiety over VGK Draft

Tick tock- we are all watching the clock.

Who is buying extra sunscreen and looking for a house with a pool?

watermarked2(2017-03-25-2157)Is it Jay Beagle as some have recently suggested?





Brooks Orpick who some have hoped? img_7543

Nate Schmidt who most of us dread the thought of losing?

Maybe Philipp Grubauer gets caught up in the goalie sweep?

GM George McPhee submits his list at 10 am ET. He gets to sit back and breathe a little while the rest of us are in Anxiety Mode until 8 pm when the awards and draft show start.

Could there be a surprise trade in all of this? Could it not be one of these four? Maybe Karl Alzner? TJ Oshie?

Who knows. We’ll be suffering right along with you and live tweeting the event as it happens

Blackhawks to be Without Marian Hosea 

In a statement this morning Marian Hosea of the Chicago Blackhawks announced:

“Over the course of the last few years, under the supervision of the Blackhawks medical staff, I have been privately undergoing treatment for a progressive skin disorder and the side effects of the medications involved to treat the disorder. Due to the severe side effects associated with those medications, playing hockey is not possible for me during the upcoming 2017-18 season. While I am disappointed that I will not be able to play, I have to consider the severity of my condition and how the treatments have impacted my life both on and off the ice.”

We know there are many Blackhawk fans in the D.C. area and this must come as a blow to you. The 38 year old Hosea hails from Slovakia. The right winger has been with the Blackhawks since 2009.

We wish him a speedy recovery.