A Note to GMGM About Capitals Schmidt

Dear George,

We know you have a lot to do the next few days. You have so many talented players available for you to select to join you in Las Vegas. Some of them are players you know very well and probably are thinking it would be nice to work with again.

One of those players is Nate Schmidt.

We here in the Washington DC area have come to adore, yes adore, Schmidty. He has that boyish grin that he flashes no matter what is going on. Some how he makes an loss easier just by speaking positively about the Caps.

Beyond being the kind of player with a wonderfully delightful personality,, he is really coming into his own. When given the chance during the playoffs, he showed his drive to succeed. He ended up with five points in 11 games which is pretty respectable.

The fans and bloggers all want him to stay with the Caps. We hope you will consider leaving him to continue to grow with this team while you build and develop your own new team.


Caps Fans Everywhere

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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