The Caps and Preds Connection

There is a special kind of connection between these two teams. Many Caps fans jumped on the Predators bandwagon as soon as the Capitals were knocked out of the playoffs by the Penguins.


After all, our coach, Barry Trotz, was once their coach. They too were cursed with never getting past the second round. And…they have Filip Forsberg on their roster, who was briefly on the Caps roster.

More important: they have the chance to beat the Caps’ nemesis. And mostly its because we simply can’t stand Sidney Crosby…

This final series has kept us on the edge of our seats as the Preds held the Pens back from getting a shot on goal for 37 minutes in game one. Unfortunately, it only took four shots in the third for the Pens to take the game 5 to 3. The third and fourth games took the playoffs to Nashville and a fan base that has infused their team with energy and confidence. The Preds did what the Caps couldn’t do and delivered two home ice wins.

Caps fans watched with disdain and disgust at what happened in game five as the series returned to Pittsburgh. One thing was clear – we all feel the same contempt for Sidney Crosby, which was heightened after Crosby got a pass for twisting and slamming PK Subban’s head on the ice. While he may be one of the best players in the league, those of us who are not Pens’ fans see things differently.

We’ll let you judge for yourself:

Not to mention a “slip” of his water bottle that would have been a poor sportsman penalty for any other player. Not for the the Golden Boy:

Many Caps fans were watching the game just because, well its hockey, it was the run for the cup, and we love any team that can take down the Pens. Now we are even more invested in seeing the Preds win this thing.  We have never been big fans of PK Subban but given the Subban-Crosby choice, we will never come down on Sid’s side of things.

The series returns to Nashville on Sunday at 8 pm (EST) on NBC. We’ll see if we can stomach NBC’s slanted adoration for the Pens and Sid one more night and if the Preds can bring this to a game seven–back in Pittsburgh. First, they have to figure out their goalie issue and bring that Smashville Energy to the ice again.

GO PREDS!!  We’ re Counting On YOU!!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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