Caps Fans Living Vicariously Through the Predators and Senators

There is a real quandary for hockey fans when their team is knocked out of the NHL playoffs. Do you stop watching hockey? Do you watch World Hockey and see how the players from your team do with their homeland team? Do you watch to see if the team that knocks you out, gets knocked out in the next round? Or do you turn off the TV and wait for October??

Many Caps fans have jumped on the Ottawa Senators bandwagon in the hopes that they will keep the Pittsburgh Penguins from making it to the final round. If you are watching, it has been a great series. It is hard for some of us to stomach the likes of Crosby, Kessel, and Malkin but there were great moments in the round. Like when Erik Karlsson made fun of Crosby’s penchant for ‘secret’ messages to his team–or himself?

There will be a Game Seven Thursday night at 8 pm on NBCSN. Sens goalie Craig Anderson has been having a great run–he is worth the watch. You might want to turn the sound off as NBC is still rooting for the Pens and Crosby…

And then there are the Nashville Predators. We feel a special affinity for the Preds. It is the team that Barry Trotz, cut his coaching teeth on. He was never able to get them past the second round of the playoffs, so like us, we were hoping they would break the mode. And they did!!!

We are so excited for this team to be heading to the final round. Yes, there is that guy that we traded who is playing (Filip Forsberg) which still leads to a lot of whining from some Caps fans. PK Subban was brought to the team from Montreal this season and clearly has been another factor in their new capabilities. Many fans are living vicariously through this team which mirrors the dream we have for our team.

The Stanley Cup final round will begin Monday, 29 May and could run as late as 14 June. It will air on NBC and NBCSN in the US and CBC and Sportsnet in Canada. The dates are as follows:

29 May
31 May
3 June
5 June
8 June *
11 June *
14 June *

*Games played if needed.

So what about you? Are you watching hockey? Are you in for the playoffs and if so, who are you rooting for to take hoist the cup??

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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