Caps Breakdown Day; The Pain Continues

Updated 1230 pm

We weren’t there this morning to see the Washington Capitals’ players departing Kettler after cleaning out their gear. The pros were there to report on team statements and we have captured them here for you.

In general, you get the sense that most of the players were playing through with injuries (according to Orpik). The UFA/RFAs want to stay which says a lot about this team and this coach. They all appear to be a bit stunned and dazed and like us, can’t believe this has happened again. Especially this year.

Thanks to Tarik-El-Bashir, Stephen Whyno, JJ Regen, Jill Sorenson, and Isabelle Khurshudyan for live tweeting and for all their great coverage this season.

Ovechkin: He is off to Miami to recuperate from a knee injury sustained on the Kadri hit. He said he will not require surgery. He did pull a hamstring in game three against the Pens.

Kuznetsov: He didn’t really understand the gloom all around him: “Why you act like someone died?” He is off to worlds and said he wishes Ovi were going to have a beer in Germany.  As an RFA – he would like to stay. He has “unfinished business” here. Tarik reports that Kuzy felt game seven was his worst performance in the playoffs. Best quote: “I want to say some bad word right now but I can’t.” US TOO KUZY!!

Williams: Perhaps the saddest of all and maybe more angry then most that he and this team couldn’t get to the finals. He would love to be back with the Caps next season but he understands where things stand. He’s seen this drill before. “Saying something doesn’t mean its going to happen.”

Oshie: He too is waiting to see what lies ahead for him. His agent is in discussion with the team but nothing firm yet. He wants to stay too.

Backstrom: He, like Williams, is pretty upset about the way things ended. “It suck, obviously, that we have to go through this again.” He plans to play in Worlds – at least he doesn’t seem to have sustained any injury!

Shattenkirk: He is probably on the move too, although he has enjoyed his time here. He could stay but as a free agent, no telling what could happen. He would like a bigger role on the team – not sure what that would like though do you?

Johansson: Broken finger from the first game in Pittsburgh. Hampered his play no doubt.

Carlson: Like us, he is tired of not making it further in the playoffs. Told Regan he did not have an injury this season…

Alzner: We could see him traded. He said he broke his right hand in the first round–no surgery required although he does have a lump on his hand.  No word yet on his contract status. He was also in a knee brace according to JJ Regan.

Schmidt: Talked about Vegas and the expansion team but not about his role there, which we hope is none! He wants to play in the “top four” next season. We want him there too.

Connolly: He, like the other guys, wants to return to play next season. Feels’ he has proven himself.

Eller: Not much here. Not sure if he is going to play in Worlds yet.  He remains hopeful for next season.

Winnik: Disappointed captures his mood.

Holby: So unlike most of the players…he shaved!! yeah that was the big news.

Grubauer: He is likely tops on the list for Las Vegas. He told reporters he is ready for a starting position; however, would be happy to remain with the Caps. He is off to Worlds to play withthe German team.

As we head into summer we’ll be taking a closer look at each of the players, what they brought to the season and our opinion regarding their future. As changes are announced. we’ll let you know just as soon as we can.


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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