Caps Head Back to Toronto after OT Win at Home

One more overtime win and the Caps have taken the lead in the round 3-2. And Friday night was as tough as the previous four games.

watermarked1(2017-04-22-1210)The night started off well enough with Oshie warming up the puck and then shooting on a power play to put the Caps up 1-0.

And of course there was the matter of a ‘hit’ on Caps captain Alex Ovechkin which sent him off the ice in pain. Nazem Kadri would become a high target after the taking a ‘tripping’ penalty. The jury is still making its mind up: dirty or clean hit? Knee-to-knee or hip check? We know what the fans think.

The Leaf’s shinny star, Auston Matthews scored in the second period to tie it up. And more importantly, Ovi came back after a break in the locker room with his fav beverage, a Coke.  The puzzling thing at this point was the low number of shots on goal (SOG) between the two teams: Caps with 15 and the Leafs with 14. Shows how evenly matched they are in reality.

Not much happened in the third although the two teams did get their shots numbers up.

OT went quickly as the man known for his playoff scoring, Justin Williams, brought it in for the Caps a little more than a minute into the period.

img_8617Soooo the Caps continue to be plagued with the penalty bug, and Tom Wilson has a big target on his back. Connor Carrick, who we used to love, keeps trying to start something with his old friends, which really upset Wilson when they both ended up in the sin bin.

Which brings us to Tom Wilson. He has been full of surprises with three goals to his credit in Round One –  but he also had eight penalty minutes and a reduced time on the ice as a result of his actions (10:16). Something needs to change come Sunday.

Dmitry Orlov has been a ball of fire, as has Nate Schmidt. No telling what we might see from them back in Toronto. The defensemen are all in for this round.

Toronto is ready to win the next game and Coach Babcock has insinuated that they will be back for a game seven. Lets hope the Caps come out strong from the first drop of the puck. Lets pray they don’t come home with any injuries and lets be cheering so loud the neighbors know we are winning!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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