Caps, Abu Dhabi, and a Young Woman’s Dream in Photos

Back in November 2016, former Capital’s player Peter Bondra took off to participate in a hockey clinic in the United Arab Emirates and met an incredible female hockey player in the process. That young woman, Fatima Al Ali, so impressed Bondra with her stickhandling abilities that by December he had crafted a plan to bring her to Washington DC to meet the Capitals.

fatima-pregameWednesday, after patiently watching practice from the bench, Alex Ovechkin invited her to join him on the ice.  Fatima was all smiles. We can’t help but wonder what Ovi was saying to her as they talked about hockey.  ovi-welcome-to-ice






She skated a bit among the players, looking like one of the team. (is it time to bring women to the NHL??) A number of the players came to speak with the 26 year old phenom from the UAE, maybe picking up some points on passing the puck??

Ovi even gave her some tips about passing and shooting from the Ovi spot–or was it Fatima giving him the hints???

There was an incredible media presence for the event–most likely looking for some political implications to the visit. Whenever Ovi started talking, they would swarm over to catch every moment. Expect to see more on local and national news as it seems everyone was there to cover her story.

For us, we were simply thrilled to see the NHL and the Washington Capitals giving attention to a woman with her own hockey style and success. It was great to see the players interacting with her, even showing their stick juggling skills….

Before she left Kettler, Ovi presented her with a signed game stick. She will be in town through February 10th and will be dropping the ceremonial puck before the Caps-Red Wings game on Thursday evening. But today, we were all smiling with Faitma.

Welcome to DC and we hope your visit is memorable!


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Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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