The Stats on the Holtbeast

I was thinking about which stars I haven’t covered and realized I haven’t covered anyone who plays defense (goalies included). I immediately thought about Braden Holtby. In order to have many wins not only do you need a lot offense but the best defense.

Braden Holtby is 3rd in the league for save percentage with a .930. He is only behind Minnesota’s, Dubnyk (.936) and Detroit’s Jimmy Howard (.934). His average save percentage is .922. His save percentage is even higher than his save percentage last year when he tied Martin Brodeur’s record for most wins. His save percentage was .922. His career record was in the 2010-2011 season where he only played 14 games. he only started 12 games and had a .934. He has played 38 games and has a good record.

Holtby has had an amazing year with 1,036 shots against him and only 73 goals. His last year he had 1,802 shots fired against him and only let in 141. Last year Braden was faced with 1,802 shots and only let them score 141. Altogether Holtby has 8,004 saves and has let the other team’s puck go in only 624 times.

Holtby’s goals against average is pretty low. His goals against average is currently 1.96. That is the second lowest it’s ever been only after 1.79 during the 2010-2011 season. Braden has a career average of 2.32 goals per game. Last year he had an average of 2.20 goals scored against per game. He is tied for second in the league with Jimmy Howard, and only behind Dubnyk who has an average of 1.88.

This year he has had six shutouts so far. That is double of last year and 3 away from his record of nine in the 2014-2015 season. He is currently leading in the league in the number of shutouts in front of Dubnyk (Wild), Rask (Bruins), and Budaj (Kings) by one shutout.

 Lastly, he is an amazingly kind person. I’ve met him twice waiting outside of Kettler and he has not only signed my shirt but also taken photos with me. He one time thanked me for having a Holtby shirt. He will also sometimes even have short conversations with the fans. I went on German Heritage night and asked if he was playing or Philipp Grubauer because Grubi is German. Holtby has saved us many times and for that I thank him. Hopefully he can help us tonight!

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