Stats for Back to Back Games

In the past two weeks we have had two pairs of back to back games. This season we have played 7 back to back games altogether. Tuesday night we lost to the Senators 3-0 as the second game of a back to back. The night before we beat the Hurricanes 6-1.

Back to back games are very difficult. You need to have enough strength to skate fast, score goals, even sometimes have huge fights two days in a row. It isn’t very easy one day let alone two days in a row. It is no wonder that the players can get tired! It is a natural thing to not play as well when tired. As a former hockey player I remember back to back games; it was exhausting and that isn’t even NHL level.

Anyway so what are the stats for back to back games. We have won two games in two sets of back to back games. We have lost one game in the rest of the sets. We have won only the first game in 4 of the 7 sets. We have only won the last game in only 1 of 7 sets. That shows my point that the players do tend to get more tired and play worse on the second of the two games.

What about scoring? We have scored an average of 7.28 goals per set. We have let them score an average of 4.71 goals every set. That is amazing for two games in a row many would think that we would actually let in more goals two games in a row. 

Our next game back to back will be on the 31st of January against the Islanders, and February first against the Bruins. How do you think we will do them?

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