Thinking About Potential Trades…

Chris Cleveland has given some thought to what the Caps might do about trades for the coming season. 

What about trading Karl Alzner, Tom Wilson, or even  Dan Winnik and throw in a draft pick to seal the deal?? 

Imagine if the Caps picked up Matt Duchene or Gabriel Landeskog from the Avs? Those names have been bantered about lately as likely on the trade block–see Friedman’s  piece.

I really think it makes perfect sense to consider these. If we want to win the cup this year, I think adding another big element will really help. In my opinion, Alzner and Wilson are both have trade potential.  I also think the Alzner trade is something to consider because it is unlikely the Caps can keep him over TJ Oshie, Evgeny Kuznetsov or Andre Burakovsky.

With Wilson, I’m just lost with him right now. Other than being good on the penalty kill,  he hasn’t done much of anything else this season (three goals, five assists so far) He is not that big enforcer he once was. I feel like it’s a waste of a roster spot when you could be using that spot to develop Zach Sanford or Jakub Vrana, which is something the Caps seem highly interested in doing.

The Caps have a few guys who just don’t play well in the playoffs and that’s where a Duchene or Landeskog could come in big. One of them could also really help the Caps power play, which has struggled this year and they are both just such gifted offensive=minded players. I think it could be a boost to our playoff roster and make us legit cup contenders.

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Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

4 thoughts on “Thinking About Potential Trades…”

  1. The big problem there is neither Duchesne or Landeskog bring quickness. When the Pens come at us in swarms it is their young, quick players that seem to cause the most disruption. Wilson I believe has made great strides this year – much better with the puck, seeing the ice better. Not as much of a physical force only b/c other players are smart enough not to get caught holding the puck anywhere near him so in that sense his physicality is still having an effect. I’d hang onto him; I see him getting a chance to move up once Oshie and Williams move on.

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