New Year; New Marcus Johansson

The Capitals are currently approaching the midpoint of the season. We have had some stars stay bright from past seasons and some stars just begin to shine. This is a time to ask which player has improved the most.

game-marcus  I think the star who has shined more this season than past seasons is our Marcus Johansson. This season MoJo has scored 13 goals and gotten 11 assists in the 33 games he’s played. Last season he got 17 goals and 29 assists in 74 games. He is on track to get more goals than he did last season and maybe even the season before where he scored a career high of 20 goals and got 27 assists in 82 games.

Johansson’s shot percentage, meaning his percentage of shots going in, is at an all time high of 23.6%. His percentage has actually almost doubled since last year when he had 12.9%. His second highest percentage was in the 2011-2012 season when he scored 14 goals in 80 games. During that season his shot percentage was at 15.6%.

So as you can see by all these stats he’s improved greatly. Now this is the time I get a tiny bit cheesy. This is the time of year for me and everyone else to start a new. 

img_7007Today is my birthday and on Sunday the new year starts. Now let’s all try and be like Johannson and improve this year.


Please join us in wishing our girl Lily a HAPPY CAPS BIRTHDAY!!

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