Pre-Flyers Practice Photos

The Capitals had a full practice this morning and they remained in good cheer. Could it be that practice is sandwiched between a visit to Caps MedStar yesterday and skating with Seth from TAPS after practice today that has put them in a positive mood.

Lets start with our goalies. Coach Mitch Korn started their practice early this morning with a little one-on-one with Holtby.

The team went through normal warmup routines and practice shots.

There were a few odd moments – like what kind of a move was Mojo making? Even Ovie seemed confused.

marcus-squatBut then even Ovi had is awkward yoga style shot move…

ovi-leg-shot We know that the coaches are constantly looking at ways to help each player improve their game and today that even included goalie coach Mitch Korn spending time with Ovechkin.

But we have to say that much of what we saw today had to do with the players pushing themselves and pushing Braden Holtby in the net as they prepare for the firepower of the Flyers.

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In the end, Hotby looked pretty happy and we are feeling good about the Caps in Philly.

But, the one thing we don’t want to see tomorrow is this:


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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