Caps Giving Continues with Seth & TAPS

Following practice today many of the players stayed after to skate with seven year old Seth Parrish from TAPS–the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors–and organization which provides care for the families of America’s fallen heroes. Seth started his morning meeting TJ Oshie and then donned his jersey to skate with the players.

Seth started his skate experience with Braden Holtby and TJ. We’re pretty sure he was running things at that end of the rink.

From there he had some three-on-one with the likes of Jay Beagle, Jakub Vrana, and Tom Wilson. Zach Sanford got in on some of the fun too.

Clearly,Tom Wilson was loving today as he, and later Taylor Chorney, spent the most time with young Seth. At one point Seth ‘knocked’ over Wilson and nonchalantly skated around Tom as he lay on the ice.

Chorney and Wilson stayed on the ice until Seth was finally ready to go. Tom tried to change sticks with him, but Seth was having none of it. Seth took a couple of breaks on the ice – first to make snow angels and then to rest in the back of the net. Tom kept asking if he was getting tired and Seth would just get up and go again. It was the cutest thing ever!!

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Eventually, Tom and Taylor convinced Seth to help them clean up the pucks and he headed off the ice with Wilson. We aren’t sure which of the three was more exhausted. All we know is they all had big smiles when they left!!

Here’s more about Seth from ABC7:

If you would like to know more about TAPS and how you can contribute to the families who have given so much for us, please click here. The Caps will host TAPS later this week for their annual skate with the players, another wonderful part of their outreach program.
Here are a couple more videos from Seth’s time with the Caps.




Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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