Caps-Habs: The Goalie Battle that Price Won

The Caps game out strong, with lots of fan support, right out the gate. And then, well the excitement kind of waned. It was fun though to watch two of the best Canadian and NHL goalies compete to protect their net: Braden Holtby and Carey Price.

Fans felt there might be a bit of a shooting problem but were still happy with the players net drive in the first five minutes. Tom Wilson drew a penatly from Habs McCarron for slashing. Most excitement was Carly breaking his stick on a failed shot. The Candiens would wind up first on the board with a wraparound by Lehkonen. 1-0 Habs by the end

And then there’s the fan who always gets so excited and tonight he finally caught the puck over the glass!

The second period gave fans some hope when Nick Backstrom scored, with help from Williams and Ovechkin, on the power play. The Habs answered a couple minutes later with a Jeff Petry goal with about four minutes left in the period. Montreal takes the lead 2-1. The Habs had more energy and got more shots off then the Caps by 14 to 8. The period was a general penalty fest with Washington taking three and Montreal with five.

The third period was pretty dismal. No penalties. No goals. Each team only has five SOG. Shout to “shoot” from the fans went unheard on the ice despite all the power play chances. Dan Winnik came close but it was just a high ping.

Holtby would save 23 of 25 SOG to Price’s 20 for 21. Congrats to Price who recorded his 250th win. Just wish it wasn’t here!

Thus ends the six game winning streak. The Caps need to figure this offensive play. Up next are the Philadelphia Flyers and that won’t be a skate in the park either.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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