Is Vrana Here to Stay?

On Friday Jakub Vrana scored his first NHL goal against the Sabres. He was one of Hershey’s stars. The one question we are all thinking is, “Will we be seeing him for long or will he be sent down soon?”


Jakub Vrana has many qualities that could be used as huge advantages. I was watching the Calder Cup Playoffs and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He has the hunger, the speed, and his shots seem to make it into the net (more often in the AHL). Before he was called up he was nine goals for 18 games, making him the third best shooter in the AHL. Last year Vrana played 36 season games and scored 16 goals and had 18 assists. He also scored eight goals for 21 games in the Calder Cup Playoffs. Including one goal in the Calder Cup finals.

Yes, those are a ton of his good qualities but how do they match with what the Capitals needs? Well first of all the Capitals need speed. We lost Jason Chimera over the off season and he was pretty good but his best quality was his speed as you could see by his nickname of Cheeta. Then Vrana is young so he could be here for a while and even if we send him back down, he will have other chances. We already have many good shooters in Ovechkin, Oshie, Backstrom, and more recently Johanson but we can never have too many good shooters.

All in all I do believe that Vrana isn’t just passing through but I think (and hope) he’s here to stay for a while. If he keeps up the shooting and showing his hunger for a goal then he will be the Caps next star.

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