Coach Trotz on the State of the Caps

After the narrow win on Monday against the Buffalo Sabres, Coach Trotz had a few things to say today about their performance and moving forward:

Oshie Return?

“Make that decision tomorrow…He’s possible.”

Ovechkin and penalties:

“We have a very straight-forward relationship. Alex doesn’t hide from anything He mans up.”

“He understands that the best way to help his team is to not be in the penalty box…we need him on the ice…he knows as leader of our team he can’t be putting us down in terms of our man short as often as he has lately. I know he’ll clean it up.”

“If my message is no getting through the only thing I have is ice time.”

Burkovosky Slump–Out of the line up?

“I haven’t made a decision yet…he knows that he needs to get his game going …we have probably taken a step back from him so that the young man can figure it out on his own a little bit. Its part of the process…”

What about 9 and 74 being apart?

“I don’t know if i like anything. we’ll have to see. we switched pairs last night…don’t know if we will go there tomorrow.”

“Our four pairs have been pretty solid.”

PP goals

“Getting their confidence back. PP has been a focus of a lot of article, but they have come through big for us in the last couple of games. …working at it…little bit of a mindset…changing …have to have some success.”

}Osh in that diamond spot is as good as anybody in the the national hockey league.”

“Has hand skills to make something out of nothing.”

Sanford Return

“Talked to him…take it one game at a time. take it as far as next weekend and then have another conversation.”



Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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