Capitals to Host First Heritage Night of Season: Grubi Night!

The Washington Capitals will host four country-inspired heritage nights this season. First up is German Heritage Night on Thursday. Ticket packages include a special German-style Caps beer stein and access to a Q&A with goalie Philipp Grubauer following  game. Ticket packages are still available here. Available tickets are running from $49 to $119 a seat, although only the higher-end seats may be available now.

Heritage Night is a fun night. The arena will offer German-themed food and fans are encouraged to wear traditional German colors of black, red, and gold to the game.Some of you soccer fans probably have team shirts buried somewhere in a closet!

Many season ticket holders have complained that they feel excluded from the Q&A events. Last year all they had to do was register to attend and some have expressed a concern that Caps management aren’t thinking about the STHs. If STHs want to attend the Q&A they can list their own tickets for sale and purchase the package. Some creative fans have bought the Heritage Night tickets and given them to their friends while remaining in their own seats. Still others have offered their seats as a donation and are sitting in these package seats. Where there is a will, there is a way!!

On the up side, non-STH fans finally have a chance to participate in events similar to the benefits offered STHs. Rather than just purchasing a ticker for a single game, this gives fans the opportunity to meet players and see behind the curtain. And maybe encourage them to become season ticket holders (or partial plan) too!

We suggest those of you (us included) who are unhappy about dwindling benefits as STHs contact your rep and voice your opinion. Better yet, send them an email which they can forward up the chain. Let your voices be heard!

And in the meantime,  we say is “alles gut” and enjoy the night!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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