Trotz Post Practice Thoughts 11/30/16

After a day off and a night of gambling, Coach Barry Trotz put the team through the drills this morning and continued to evaluate the lines and the health of players T.J. Oshie and Matt Niskanen.  Here are our fav takeaways from his presser after:

On the Lines:

“I put the old group together last game at the end…they gave us a real boost…doesn’t mean they will stay together tomorrow.”

“I know what will work. Nothing in stone on those lines.”

niskanen-on-the-way-back Niskanen:

“Need to talk to the trainers…if everything continues on the path that it was today, there is a very good chance he will play tomorrow.”


Still out at least through Saturday’s game.

Power Play Problems:

“When it’s going really good we score a lot of goals off those second and third sort of quick strikes after the initial bomb at the net or shot. And we haven’t been able to do that as well. Some of that is we don’t get seconds because we don’t force the goalie to make any saves.”

On Oshie and Niskanen: “We make a great scramble plays.”

Jay Beagle:

“Jay Beagle has an effect on our team in a positive way everyday.”

Oshie Gap:

“There are guys lining up for Osh’s spot because he is out and that’s great because you are going to get more ice time–but then you better produce.”

“Some guys can get it done and some guys can’t get it done and we find out.” (when players step in for injured players)


John Carlson Troubles

“Such a talent.”

“It’s not coming  easy for him. He’s playing catch-up.”

Zach Sanford Struggle

“Very detailed, he listens, he aborbs” “just hasn’t gotten a reward yet.”

“He’s going to be a good player for us.”

No intention of sending him down to Hershey, yet. UPDATE: Zachary was sent to Hersey after the press conference. 

Words of Wisdom!

“Something you just got to (I think it’s Mitch’s term) you got to defrag the computer because you are over thinking things.”

Click here for the full presser.


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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