Should We be Worried About TJ Oshie’s Injury?

In short yes, but this wouldn’t be much of a blog post if I answered only in short.

Remember that article I wrote about Ovechkin? On November 18 he took an awful hit from the Red Wings’ Riley Sheanan and is out with an upper body injury. No one knows how long he will be out, but he is week to week and that doesn’t sound good. But how much of a liability is that?

Last year we scored 252 goals and Oshie scored 26 of them. During the playoffs, we scored 29 goals and Oshie scored six .This year we’ve scored 48 goals and Oshie has scored eight goals–second to Ovechkin in most goals scored. Oshie also has an amazing plus minus record of +10. He is just absolutely amazing in shootouts. Oshie was a key player in the USA vs. Russia game. He scored all four goals in the shootout and won the game for team USA. He is an essential player on our team.

Is there a bright side though?

Yes, yes there is. Although TJ Oshie may be out for a while, we were given Paul Carey just in case another player was injured.  It is good for players with less NHL experience than Oshie to get a chance at playing. While he isn’t as good as some of the other players now, the additional play time may be strategic for the team in the long term

Even though Oshie isn’t playing in the games he’s now practicing with the team. Coach said today that he is unlikely to play this week but with an upper body injury “the lower-body still works,” and he has been given the ok to skate.

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