Caps Fans Come Together for Post-Game Skate

Even after the dull loss at this afternoon’s Blue Jackets at Capitals game, Caps fans found a way to have fun. Shortly after the game, season ticket holders were invited down into the ice to skate freely.

The ice was packed with fans of all ages and all varieties of skating skills, from amateur to expert. Skaters also had access to the home and away benches, while those who preferred to not be on the ice relaxed in the seats.

Some special guests were on the ice, as well, like a few of the Red Rockers and Air Slapshot.

img_5284 Not only did fans get the opportunity to skate on Capitals ice, they also were able to participate in a raffle. Some of the items given away were a Justin Williams signed puck (which yours truly won), a few other signed picks, some signed sticks, and a couple signed jerseys, one of which was signed by the whole team.

Overall, it was a fun chance for season ticket holders to get together and share in their love for the Caps and hockey, in general.

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