What Past Games Say About Caps-Pens Tonight

I am extremely excited for tonight as are most Caps fans and probably many Penguins fans. Last year we played them in the second round of the Stanley Cup In Game 6 they were leading by three then we rallied and went to overtime. But in overtime, our playoff demons came back and Nick Bonino scored six minutes and thirty two seconds into overtime.  Even thinking about it today breaks me. I

I decided to go back into the dark dark past of Round Two and look at the stats. During that round there was a goal difference. We both had 16 goals during the whole round. The returning players that scored the most on the Caps were TJ Oshie and the most threatening goal scorer on the Penguins was Phil Kessel.

This whole thing though is factoring out the game we played at the beginning of the season the pens won 3-2 in shootout. That is without their huge star Sidney Crosby, who was out with a concussion. 

That being said, the Penguins are good but have some flaws. Hopefully the players will remember the others weaknesses and the Penguins won’t find ours.

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