FiCP Adds Another Lady to the Team

We are excited to welcome another contributor to our team: Emelie Shany. If you have been around Caps events you have probably seen her–she’s the one with the bubbly personality holding up signs! 

Emelie is a student at American University studying Law and Society who got into hockey during her senior year of high school. Originally refusing to have anything to do with sports her best friend got her into hockey and she is never going back. Her favorite team is the Washington Capitals but she also follows the Panthers, Stars, and Blackhawks. She loves to yell at the players both at an actual game and through the TV but loves them no matter what. You can usually find her having conversations with other Caps fans on twitter. 

She will be sharing her thoughts on the players and their performances as well as her experiences with hockey in general. 

Let us know if you too would like to join our growing team of female hockey writers. We might even take a  couple guys too since Chris Cleveland is feeling a little outnumbered with the eight women we now have at FiCP. 

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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