NHL Curses: Is There a DC  Curse? 

Update: The Chicago Cubs have now won the World Series and broken the ‘curse’ that hung over them for 108 years. Twitter promptly lit up with hockey and Caps fans finding hope for breaking the DC Sports Curse. Here’s what Lily wrote earlier about curses:

During the Chicago Cubs run to make the world series, it seems that everyone was talking about the Billy goat curse. The story behind that curse is that a man named Murphy brought a billy goat, named Billy Sianis to a Cubs game and was told to leave due to the smell of the goat. Murphy responded “they ain’t gonna win no more!”. Meaning that they won’t make it to the world series let alone winning it. Last Saturday night the Cubs won game 6 of the National League Championship Series against the Dodgers and are now playing the Indians in the World Series defeating that curse.

Curses aren’t just in baseball though, there are also hockey curses:

The Presidents Trophy curse: According to this curse, the team that wins the Presidents Trophy, won’t win the Stanley Cup. It isn’t always true but, only eight of the 59 teams who won the Presidents Trophy won the cup. Including the Washington Capitals.

The Canada curse: This curse started during the 1993 Stanley cup finals. The LA Kings were up 2-1 against the Canadiens in game 2. Then the Habs coach noticed something weird about Marty Mcsorley’s stick. It turns out the curvature of Mcsorley’s stick was against the rules and he got an illegal equipment penalty. While Mcsorley was in the sin bin the Habs tied it up taking the game to overtime. The Habs won the rest of the series and the cup that year and since then a Canadian team hasn’t won a cup. Fun fact though, the Quebec Nordiques didn’t win a single Stanley Cups until they moved to Colorado and became the Avalanche. Their first year in Colorado the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, coincidence? Not if you believe the Canada curse.

The Chicago Blackhawks: Recent years have perhaps layed this curse to rest, but it certainly was discussed for a while. In 1927 The Blackhawks fired coach Pete Muldoon. He then said that they will never win a Stanley Cup again. This curse was broken in 2010 when the Blackhawks won against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs: Finally, the Leafs who have been called the Cubs of hockey because of their lack of wins. One of their players Bill Barilko scored the winning goal in overtime of the 1951 Stanley Cup Finals against the Canadiens. During the offseason Bill Barilko went fishing and was lost on the way back in a plane crash. The next time the Leafs won the cup was 1962, the year Barikos body was found and also 11 years after the crash. Then they won a cup in 1967. Right after the win their new owner Stanford Smythe got ill and then later died. They haven’t won a cup since 1967.

We hear a lot about curses in DC sports. Many fans think the curse is keeping the Caps from getting to the final round–what do think? Is there a curse and how do we break it??

Like the Cubs – IS THIS OUR YEAR???!

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