Grubauer’s Winning Mask

Designer David Gunnarsson’s new mask, “The Desolution of Grubi,” may have inspired a net empty of goals in Philipp Grubauer’s first NHL shutout against the Colorado Avalanche. Grubi directed the design of this, and his other masks which was inspected by the team’s location — the Washington Capital, and the American flag with “older Capitals logo,” explains Gunnarsson in his Instagram post.


This year’s mask builds on a tradition with The Mask Man. Season 2015/16 Mask told the story of Grubi’s journey to the Caps goaltender spot, again with the team logo and American flag as central elements to the design.





Here are some more examples of Gunnarsson’s previous designs for Grubs:e, including his Hershey Bear’s mask.


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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