Back to the Scene of the Crime: Caps – Pens

When last the Capitals and Penguins met in Pittsburgh, the Caps were sent home winless and the Pens moved on to become the Stanley Cup Champions. Thursday night in Pittsburgh the Caps will stand by as the Pen raise the banner and the fans vigorously celebrate last year’s victory.

And then the ‘rivalry’ starts again. 

The Caps have been asked all week how they feel leading up to this moment. Most are not thrilled to watch the team that knocked them out of the running celebrate. Others really don’t care and are looking forward.

Here are your Caps lines for tonight, brought to you by Daily Faceoof. A few changes have been made to weave in the newly acquired players, especially Zack Sanford.


The PENS have a few changes tonight too with Sidney Crosby and goalie Matt Murray – who was primarily responsible for the Caps loss — on the injury list. We expect Marc-Andre Fleury in the net for the Pens to face Braden Holtby.

So forward it is!! Last season is gone, we can’t get it back, and all we can do it.






Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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