Leader of the Pack- Justin Williams and the Washington Caps

Justin Williams has a special leadership quality about him. He knows what it is like to win–his name has gone on the Stanley Cup three times. CSN-Mid-Atlantic, in their “Capital Gains” series gave us a mic’d up look at the man on the ice–chirping at players on both teams! He may look calm on the outside but one look into those eyes and it’s evident he has come here to win again.

Will justin.JPG
We watched him slip into the natural role last season, almost as soon as he arrived. After all, the Caps brought him to DC, along with T.J. Oshie, because he understands the level of effort it takes to win and how to pull the team up after a loss and move forward to the next game.

If Capitals really want to embrace a Will Over Skill mentality, it will take Williams, Oshie, Backstrom, and Ovechkin (and even Schmidty) to lead the team past a round two loss and all the way to the finals. They all remember what it was like to be the Young Guns and now have the chance to mentor the newest players, like Zach Sanford, and to encourage them to play hard and have fun while doing what they love.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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