Is Zach Sanford the New Shiny Thing for the Caps?

Zach Sanford is wowing everyone in Washington DC. Rumor has it he will win the empty spot on the Caps roster having pushed out likely candidate Stan Galiev. 

All eyes will be in him Sunday afternoon to see if he will keep the impressive showing. He is a big, fast, and still maturing as a player. 

The question remains: is he ready for a spot in the NHL or at almost 22, does he need a bit more time.

We’ll be watching today’s game and waiting to hear what the powers that be decide about his future. 

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

2 thoughts on “Is Zach Sanford the New Shiny Thing for the Caps?”

  1. I’m really happy about Sanford. I think he’ll get some regular season games at the beginning and then he’ll be sent down to play big minutes in Hershey, while other prospects will be called up. If there will be some chemistry issues going into the postseason I think Sanford will be the go-to guy.

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