Chris Cleveland Meets Mike Green, and More Stories

We all have our hockey story and FiCP Contributor Chris Cleveland is no different. His story is pretty cool—how he came to meet former Caps player, Mike Green. As Chris tells it:

One of our old neighbors knew like all the Caps players. One day during the 2010 Olympics, it was snowing and I was outside shooting pucks on the street. We had a fairly empty street so you could stick the hockey net pretty much anywhere. Greenie, who was snubbed by Team Canada, was inside my neighbor’s house watching Team USA blowout Finland (or some team).

Green came out and got his stick out of the car. He came over to us and I was like, “Mike Green?” and he said, “Yep.” I ran inside and got my bro. My mom came out too. He played street hockey with us for quite some time. Towards the end, his agent came out with my neighbor and we chatted with him too. When we were done, Mike gave us his stick.

Greenie was a super cool guy and one of the friendliest Caps players ever. He knew exactly who my brother and I were after that. After practice at Kettler, he was super nice to us and very chatty. We sent him the picture we took with him and he signed it for us. It is now hanging in our basement.

Chris has met so many players over the years and has some great stories to share, including this one:

I was at a practice and it was snowing pretty hard. I stuck around to watch Mike Knuble and Alexander Semin skate. Both players were on Injured Reserve and after practice Semin, who, got off the ice first, came over and signed for me.  I was the only one waiting for autographs and about five minutes later, Knuble came off the ice. I knew he couldn’t sign since his finger was broken, so I asked him for his stick. He said, “Sure buddy.”  He gave me his stick because I was the only person who stayed until he came off.  His stick was about a foot taller then me and the guys that were outside waiting for autographs all thought it was pretty cool.

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Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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