FiCP Welcomes Another Great Lady to the Team–Emily Wright!!!


Ok Friends – we are more than a little excited to welcome Emily Wright (@EmilyCello) to the FiCP family. Not only does she have some previous experience covering the Caps, but she also plays hockey and will be bringing us her personal twist (and sometimes twisted) take on all things hockey.

Emily’s favorite things are champagne, undersized journeymen defensemen, and when people wave after you let them into your lane. She plays defense for the Reston Lions. 

She will be doing some “nerdy analysis” (backed up by research) of things that happen in hockey. She will be leading the charge on how to truly  “make DC the hockey capital” and may be looking for your thoughts on that. Stay tuned for her first piece:  What DC metro can do to create a hockey culture that is inclusive and sustainable..

emilyStop and say ‘hey’ to Emily if you see her around Verizon. She sits in the upper deck and will be the one yelling: “Please don’t lean forward in your seat !!! – or something that sounds a lot like that!!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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