Oh Captain: Lily Dishes on Ovi


The Capitals have many stars: a few examples are Braden Holtby, T.J. Oshie, Evgeny Kuznetsov, and John Carlson. Many argue no star shines brighter then left winger, Alexander Ovechkin. He has scored over 500 goals with a career average of 47.72 goals per year. In the more recent season he usually gets closer to 50 goals. He is a consistently good player during the season.

This year during the World Cup, Ovechkin met up with Sidney Crosby twice. Ovechkin won one game and lost the other. Ovechkin scored only once against team Canada. Although Ovi didn’t play up to his full ability, he still scored two goals in the World Cup. We must realize that the Russian team is full of amazing forwards that don’t usually have to work together. The World Cup, while being fun to watch doesn’t always show everyone’s full capabilities.

I believe Ovechkin is one of the best players on the Caps. Unfortunately, when it comes to fan relations, his skill is somewhat lacking. I’ve heard many stories of hockey players interacting with their communities and sometimes even playing hockey with the children. I have waited for hours without getting a signature and sent him a letter when I was seven or eight, and still haven’t gotten a response. Meanwhile with others like Braden Holtby, Nicklas Backstrom, and Evgeny Kuznetsov have been nothing but nice to me.

What about the leadership of Ovechkin? Members of my family are Capitals fans as well as Blackhawks fans. Along with watching Alex Ovechkin and the Capita;s, we also frequently watch Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews play with the Blackhawks. Kane isn’t the captain, but Toews is and there’s a reason for that. Kane scores a lot of goals and was second in the running for the Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy. On the other hand Toews doesn’t score as much but he gets many assists.   Ovechkin is an amazing player; he scores a lot, and has the most Rocket Richard Trophies of all time. But leadership means that you should not only score but get assists. Ovi has around 20-25 assists per year whereas Nick Backstrom has around 30- 61 assists. Teamwork requires more assists than goals. I think, therefore, that there’s a better fit captain on the team.

DSC_0577  That being said, I think that Ovechkin will be as good this year as others. The World Cup may seem like a huge thing, but he works better with the Caps then the Russian World Cup team. That makes a lot of sense because he has a lot more practice with the Caps. I hope that he will do just as well scoring and get a few more assists.


Lily Rosenberg

Photos by Mel and Brittney

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