The Boys are Back! Day 1 in Photos

Today was no ordinary Friday, today was day one of the Washington Capitals 2016 training camp. The day was divided into three groups with Group White first, Group Red second, and Group Blue ending the day. There were a lot of new faces at camp so let’s run through those you might not be as familiar with.

# 61 Dan DeSalvo:


# 57 Nolan Laporte:


# 39 Christian Thomas:

Day 1-49.jpg

# 59 Dylan Magonari:


# 46 Darren Dietz:


And then there were the goalies, SO MANY GOALIES:

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And we could never forget those old familiar faces we’ve missed so much these past few months:

At the end of each session the players would participate in on-ice testing:

For the schedule of practices for the following week click here

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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