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Lily’s Hockey-Loving Family



We all come to hockey through different avenues. Some think women come to hockey differently than most men; however, our stories are much like the men who love hockey. Somewhere along the line we are exposed to a practice or a game–and we are hooked for life. Lily Rosenberg was like that, as you will read below.


I come from a long line of hockey fans representing both the Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks. I attended my first game was when I was 14 months old. But the experience that really opened my mind to hockey happened when I was wight. It was late when I went to bed thinking of my American Girl dolls. Little did I know that I would wake up the next day with my head next to an Alex Ovechkin bobblehead!  My dad had attended the game, got the bobblehead, and left it there as a surprise for me when I woke up.

That bobblehead changed everything. When I woke up and I saw the bobblehead I knew I had to find out about the sport he played. I asked my father the first chance I got about the sport. He started to teach me about hockey and I loved it. I loved every pass and shot. I was in awe.

That is how I found my soul sport.

After I found hockey I asked to play. I asked and it took a whole year for my parents to get that I wasn’t joking. My parents were new in the world of hockey, unlike now, and didn’t get it. I remember the day I had my first skating lesson. I couldn’t focus at all at school that day I was to excited. I just imagined flying on the ice and skating like Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Green.

When the school day was over I was ecstatic. I went to my grandparents’ house for a bit and then they drove me to the rink. We were new to skating so we made many mistakes. I went to the rink wearing one of my favorite pairs of light cotton leggings and my family thought skate size was the same as shoe size. So I wore these rental skates that were huge on me.

Before getting on the ice, the skating instructor taught us how to get up after we fell on the ice. I figured I wouldn’t have to use that skill much. When we got on the ice I felt like Ovechkin… until I fell. I spent most of my time that first lesson sitting on the ice after falling. Since I had worn such light leggings, falling hurt! My knees were in pain and I was sore. My parents and grandparents thought I might quit after that first lesson.

I had different plans.

When I went back to my grandma’s house the first thing I did was go upstairs to look up tips for beginners learning to skate. I found suggestions on what to wear and help with skate size too. When my mom came upstairs to check on me, she finally realized how determined I was!

For some people skating and hockey come easy. It definitely didn’t for me. It took me ages to perfect my hockey stop. I had trouble with skating backwards and with this excruciatingly difficult drill called hockey yoga (where you have to step over your stick while you hold it). I finally got it though. I’m so happy to bring my love of hockey to this blog.

We at FiCP are excited to have Lily joining us too. Do you have a ‘come to hockey’ story to share? We would love to hear how you too got ‘hooked on hockey.’




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