Three D’s of John Carlson


John Carlson: defenseman, dad, and devoted husband. The NHL includes him in their ranking of the Best 20 Defense Players Today. He has long been a favorite of FiCP – we even have his number on our license plate and for one of us he was the first jersey we ever bought.


Carly had his own experience with injury this past season. He was on his way to claiming the Iron Man title for the team when he was injured in December and missed 12 games. He then missed another 13 games following corrective surgery. He returned with a BANG in March, scoring the overtime game winning goal against the New Jersey Devils. It was obvious when he came back the first time that he wasn’t quite himself.  Carlson is a huge part of the Caps power play and plays a critical role in creating scoring chances. Post-season the Caps acknowledged that John had broken his ankle and had undergone surgery.

Despite missing games in the regular season;  he leads the D-men in points, goals, and assists. Washington Post reporter Isabelle Khurshudyan wrote that Carly spent his down time with Coach Todd Reirden watching video and  taking notes for the team to help keep his head in the game and his connectivity to the team while out of the locker room.

John Carlson-often called “the most under-rated” defensemen in the NHL; until the playoffs. He averaged 15 minutes of ice time and racked up five goals. He remained a key component to the Caps power play—scoring four of his playoff goals on the PP. Carly blocks an average of two shots a game and 6’3”, 210 pounds, he is a brick wall that his opponents don’t want to run into.

You can’t talk about John without also talking about his charming wife, Gina. This past year we had the privilege of getting to know her a bit and her passion for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Over the past season she has held auctions via her Instagram page for a variety of causes she supports. If you would like to donate to help the kids at St.Judes Click Here. and follow her on Instagram to see how you can support all her charitable activities.  And lets not forget their sweet boy, Lucca, and her blog Lucca’s Blessing, about life as a young mother. Unfortunately, the blog is now private.

So there you have it. John Carlson is one of the linchpins to the Caps potential to winning the ever elusive Stanley Cup.


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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