2016: A Season of Injuries for Beagle


Even though Jay Beagle missed games this season due to a hand injury sustained in a game against the Buffalo Sabres on December 30th, he played 57 games scoring 8 goals and 9 assists.  Those statistics don’t do justice for the role Jay Beagle plays on this team.

When training camp started last September, Jay Beagle had a newly signed three-year contract with the Caps and seemed ready to have one of his best seasons with the team.

Jay Beagle was leading the category of face off wins for the season and his work ethic on the team was contagious; first one on the ice last off mentality;  to set a good example for his team.  Positive energy brought to the rink day in and day out made Beagle a locker room favorite.

When Beags injured his hand in late December and was placed on the injured reserve list for at least six weeks, Caps fans all over were wondering who would take the place of someone who controlled defensive end faceoffs, which can change the momentum of a hockey game so quickly and be that positive energy on and off the ice?

Luckily the Caps team is deep in depth and could handle the task of placing a few players in Beagle’s spot and with Beagle practicing skating ( no stick handling ) before the team skate, Jay was also with the team in the locker room to encourage his team.

The first day Jay was able to practice with the team, I happen to be at Kettler and the cheers from his team mates and the crowd was heartwarming, all was right in the hockey world with Jay Beagle back on the team.

Jay Beagle, husband, father, and friend. He is always kind to fans waiting outside and even helped us get our cookies to the team at Christmas. We are hoping that the 2016/17 brings him good health and many blessings on his adorable family!


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