Only One N. Backstrom in the NHL Now

It has always confused me a little when the Caps played the Minnesota Wild (and last year the Calgary Flames) and there media reports debating if Nick Backstrom would play. Now we here in Washington all knew our guy was playing so who was this ‘other’ Nick?

Niklas BackstromNiklas Backstrom is a talented goalie who played backup goalie for most of his NHL career with the Minnesota Wild. He played with the Flames last year; however, it was a disappointing year for everyone.

It seems in June he announced that he was going home to play for the HIFK in Helsikinki, Finland. He got his start there and the 38-year-old has chosen to end his career there as well.

So no more confusing with our center Nicklas Backstrom.

We wish Niklas Backstrom all the best in he plays for the home crowd next year.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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