Caps at the Beach

While Caps Development Camp was on last week, many of the players were off enjoying the beach, be it at a lake or on the ocean. Here are some pictures they have shared so far this summer:

The Winnik’s could be found relaxing in the beauty of Lake Tahoe after spending several weeks traveling across the US for baseball and hockey. The Carlson’s spent some time with baby Lucca. Even Ovechkin and Nastya strolled the beach.

Nate Schmidt was busy winning bag toss/cornrow games while Philipp Grubauer was off taking pictures of bodies of water!

There is no denying though that Mr. & Mrs. Galiev had the best and most romantic beach time on their resort vaca.

So how is your summer going? Have you made it to the beach yet?

Next up: players enjoying some family time.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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