Thank you Chimmer!

Whatever you called Jason Chimera: Ice Cheetah, Chim Dawg, Chimmer or Jason, he will be greatly missed by Caps fans everywhere.

A player like Chimera wasn’t going to sit idle for long as a free agent.  So now we get to play against him when those boys from Brooklyn visit Verizon Center this season for our first home game.

Its a part of hockey no one likes, even the players stress out over it. But business will always come first to hockey; before friendships, locker room leadership, community ties and family.

I just want to say thank you Jason Chimera for your role on the Washington Capitals hockey team. I spend every game waiting anxiously for your warm-up routine of running your teammates into the boards for fun. Some nights it was a gently tap, a handshake or a puck tossed at them. But nine times out of 10, it was a great big ol’ hit against the boards, to where everyone around watching warm ups would laugh and take video or pictures of the team bonding going on before a game.

Your interviews are always entertaining; from you and Joel Ward imitating Mike Vogel and John Walton, throwing your socks or tape on a player being interviewed,or  being kissed by Kuzy on the head and saying it’s usually on the lips. Your yelling from across the room randomly during other players interviews. And your wonderful sense of humor.

During exit interviews at the end of the past season, Chimera broke down and cried at the fact he may be facing an uncertainty of coming back to DC to play after free agency. Well that uncertainty  came true today. I believe Chimmer will do well for the Islanders; it’s a new beginning for the Chim Dawg.

I’m so impressed with Chimera’s speed on the ice, his gritty style of play, standing up for his teammates and his milestone season of scoring 20 goals.  There’s a lot of fight left in this Chim Dawg!

We love you Chimmer and we thank you for giving us Caps fans your best each and every time you played.. We will miss your personality here in DC,  and we wish you the best of luck in New York…just not too much luck when you play the Caps…

I know we are all looking forward to Chimmer’s highlight video the first time he visits Verizon Center next season. I’m sure it will include a a grey Mike Vogel wig, socks being thrown, and a big kiss from Kuzy.. .On the head… Not the lips . And then we will see him do what he loves the most: play to win.

Thank you Jason Chimera!  You will be greatly missed by your fans in DC.   We will always root for you no matter where you go.. We love you Ice Cheetah!


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