Dev Camp 2016: Day Four in Pictures

This morning started much like every other morning… until we remembered that camp was still going on! So off we went.

Skaters arrivwatermarked photo 3 (2016-07-01-1107)ed on the ice around 10 and were split on to two separate rinks again; D-men on one side and forwards on the other.

All three goalies began with the forwards on the Arlington rink but Williams went to join the defensemen about halfway through.

DSC_0077During all of this, the Caps announced they had signed D-man Connor Hobbs to a three year entry-level contract. Welcome Connor!! (We are big fans of Hobbs here at FiCP)

Around 10:45 the two sides split in two and switched rinks so that both sides were working with all positions. Around 11:00 all members reconvened on the Caps ice for a group practice.



Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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