A Look Back in Photos: Caps Alumni Game

Caps Fan Fest was held Wednesday June 28th at Kettler Ice Plex.The finale of the day was the Caps AlumnCaps game.  Before the game, Caps alumni sat outside for a Q&A, pictures & autographs.

With an introduction from Coach Trotz, the game began at 730pm. Kettler was packed with fans rockin the red, Wes Johnson announcing,  Red Rockers, Slapshot, Air Slapshot, Winger & the original Winger mascot from years ago. The National Anthem sung by Bob McDonald, with “RED” & “O” extra loud . It was like a normal Caps game at Verizon Center, but this game was special.  As a fan from the Capital Centre days, seeing Yvon Labre and Rod Langway coach the teams was a treat.

Goalies Dave Parro and Brent Johnson in each net and names like May, Laughlin, Druce, Mulvey, Maruk, (Killer) Kaminski, Sutherby, Rausse, Willsie, Hangsleben, Sabourin, Bradley  and Olie The Goalie Kolzig all playing together.

This truly was fun to watch. Especially for some of us older fans who remember these guys when they were the ‘young guns’ of their time! The game was a little different from a normal hockey game. Only two 20-minute periods were played and penalties were treated as penalty shots.

After the 1st period, the Red Team led 5-3. But then early in the 2nd, the Red Team started to blowout the White Team. Leading at least  by two goals most of the period, the White Team came back and tied the game late  8-8.  We ended up going to a shoot out.

My favorite part of the shoot out was when Alan Hangsleben from the Red Team was going for his turn starting to approach the White Team’s net and out of nowhere a water bottle almost takes him and his skates out. I’m not sure who threw it, but there were lots of culprits to choose from on the White Team bench: Alan May, Olie Kolzig, Dennis Maruk.. Take your pick.

The White Team won after Brian Sutherby scored on Dave Parro. No matter who won, we all won; fans, alumni and the Caps organization.  We get to see players from our childhood and relive memories and see how strong a bond the players have from being together as a team and becoming a family.

Coach Trotz always says the Caps team is like a family. There’s a bond in the locker room and we as fans see that bond and we can believe in this team.  It’s a long tradition through the Caps organization to be one as a team and believe in each other. This family bond is not something new; it’s been with the Caps for a long time now. You can see it still in the Caps Alumni!  We believe in this Caps family and are proud to be a part of the Caps family!

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