Caps Movie Night at Verizon Center


Monumental Sports hosted a movie night for their season ticket holders on Tuesday night. After spending the day at development camp we headed there. How exciting to go watch a movie in the same place you watch your favorite team play!!

Tuesday’s movie was Star Wars The Force Awakens. How fitting for me. My Dad took me to seethe original Star Wars in movie theaters at least 20 times when I was little and we also shared a love for hockey,  I wrote an article on Father’s Day telling how my Dad had passed away last July and I became a season ticket holder for the Caps to be closer to my Dad, because his spirit is definitely in the Verizon Center!  I could feel his presence tonight just like the force in Star Wars.

imageMonumental employees checked us in. All Caps, Wizards and Mystic season ticket holders were invited to watch a movie, take part in special themed events like storm trooper bowling, Jedi target training and a light saber ring toss. There; were hot dogs, mini slider hamburgers, popcorn, candy and drinks before the movie–all for free.. Specialty mixed drinks were available for purchase to those over 21 years old. We  were all given blow up light sabers that lit up in blue and red, ’cause you are never too hold for a light-up saber!!.  The telscreen played the movie for us as a few hundred people  sat in the sections behind where the players benches are usually. Tuesday it was set up for Mystics basketball.

What a great opportunity to not only see a free movie, but to be at Verizon for a different setting.  As I waited for the movie to start, I kept thinking about all the great moments Verizon center has seen from our Washington Caps hockey team. The one that stuck out the most tonight was Ovi scoring his 500th goal and how Verizon was rocking like I never had seen before . So many more great memories to come.. image

Star Wars the force awakens did not disappoint, it was action from start to finish and a few tears for me.If you haven’t seen it, I won’t give anything away!  I can tell you that I can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie! i  can only hope I get to see the next movie in a great venue like Verizon center again.. Hint hint ..Monumental network!

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