Washington Capitals Continue Support to LGBT Community w/Rainbow Shirts

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The day before the horrific shooting in Orlando, Braden Holtby  (and his wife Brandi) of the Washington Capitals led Monumental Sports employees in Rocking the Rainbow as part of the Capital Pride Parade. Holtby said of his participation: “I am honored to represent the Capitals and participate in this important event that shines light on the contributions the LGBT community makes every day,” Holtby said in a statement. “I believe in equality for all people and I look forward to showing my support along with our organization and fans.” (Washington Post & DC Sports Blog).

It was a bold move for the organization and while many supported Monumental Sports, the Capitals, and the Holby’s for their participation, many others were offended. Then Orlando happened.

We hope that the world is a different place today. We hope that those who lost their lives in a place they found safe, had an impact on people’s hearts. We hope that today’s news from the Capitals is met with cheers.

The #RocktheRainbow shirts that all of us wanted ARE ONE SALE!!!!

We want to encourage you to grab one of these beauties up. Not just because it is a cool looking shirt. Not just because you have to have everything Caps. Do it because you want to stand with the LGBT community. Do it because all the proceeds will go to You Can Play, an organization whose purpose is to remove prejudice against the those who simply want to participate in sports without fear of harassment because of their sexual orientation. Wear your shirt as a statement that you support the idea that all men and women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

You can pre-order your shirts on line here or wait until June 30th at try and get one at Ketter Ice Plex during camp. For $20 you get a great shirt AND support a great cause.

We did!


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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