Caps on Vaca Continues: Their Pics for Week 5


About half of the Washington Capitals are home with families–some in the DC area–others back in their homeland. This week the focus of their posts seemed to be on families, especially with Father’s Day this past Sunday.

Lets just start with kid cuteness.

5Marcus_Baby               Marcus Johansson spoke the truth we all knew…and he found time for to celebrate some good Swedish soccer too:






Meanwhile, Joan and Gina Carlson continued to celebrate Baby Lucca’s first birthday:

Then there was random family time posted by Tom Wilson…and because he technically is still a Cap – although retired – we had to include John Erskine and his kids.


But it really is hard to ignore the absolute cuteness that is Lyla Oshie:

So Philipp Grubauer is roaming around Germany and France; taking random pictures of meadows. And we’ve got Mike Richards still fishing…

Michael Latta, though out enjoying a little Mumford and Sons in concert, announced that he will participate in a benefit concert on 27 June to help raise funds for those affected by the devastating fires that hit Fort McMurry this spring.

It isn’t all fun for our boyz though. The Caps announced that Iron Man Karl Alzner underwent surgery while Andre Burkovsky demonstrated his workout regime. Best wishes to Karl for a quick and full recovery.

The Winniks are out and about – still binge watching their favorite shows while chilling with the pooches:

While Dan gets some workout time in:

And finally, there is the battle to pick the most adorable Russian couple. Now we have Kuzy all by himself search out the perfect hamburger…minus the Mrs., so he doesn’t count…

5Kuzy Burgers

The challenge is picking who posts it better Oviya or Stanya ??

The Galiev’s are finally on vacation. They are staying at the Grand Hotel Paraiso in Playa de Carmen Mexico, an exclusive resort and the perfect getaway for a romantic second honeymoom. Olya has been shopping and Stan has been capturing it all for all of us. Happy Second Anniversary!!

And then we have Oviya who seem to be over their ‘spritual’ journey of last week and back to celebrating summer before heading to Vegas for award’s night. They too are hiding out in an exclusive resort: The Amirandes Grecotel in fashionable Crete. Of course Ovi has his entourage of friends with him too!


Whew – we think we caught whatever was out there to catch last week. This week is Vegas Baby!!  Should be some fun shots from there. Let us know if you will be in the crowds – we would love to share your pictures too so send us what you’re doing while the Caps are away!!!


Author: Maggie Marcum

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