Caps Season Ticket Holder: Selecting A New Seat


June 7th was select a seat night for Caps season ticket holders (STH); where you can see what seats are now available to exchange or purchase for the 2016-17 hockey season. There weren’t very many seats available, which is a good indication that fans still have faith and support this Capitals team.Verizon was set up just like a hockey game, except there was no glass or ice… I know, I was sad to see that too…

Since I’m a rookie-it’s my first year as a season ticket holder-I was in the last group to go into the Verizon Center. STHs are allowed to go into the seating bowl where pieces of paper are taped to those seats up for grabs. Once you find the seat you like, you can stand by the seat and a Caps’ game-night employee will answer questions you have–like will our view be blocked if we take pictures from here. Once you make the decision to take the new seat, they send you off to to guest services to complete the final business of transferring seats. The released seats are then flagged as available for the next group coming in.

So my dilemma was to move from sitting behind my favorite player, Holtby defending twice, to moving all the way over to the opposing side and attack twice. I was still  looking a Row C, but a little to the side instead of directly behind the goalie.  After thinking way too much, I chose to move.DSC_0378

Ok here’s my reasons for switching: I will get to see more Caps goals, more cellys, Holts will be there for the 2nd period, there’s more seat room for me and my stuff and the ultimate deciding factor: no Monumental network sign reflecting off the glass and in the pictures!! You can see that sign in many of my pictures and I don’t get to share them with you.

The event itself was a fun experience. We were greeted by our ticket reps and there was free soda, popcorn and t-shirts!  Although the last three groups missed out on the t-shirt thing. There are few rules about the number of seats that you can buy (8) which the reps go over before letting you loose to roam the seats. And you can’t split up pairs of seats to buy one–which is all I needed. I noticed that other NHL teams do the same select a seat events; however, they make it an open house with more activities like merchandise sales and player autograph sessions!  I’m hoping the Caps will do something like that next year!

I was sad to see no hockey being played at Verizon in early June,  but going there and knowing next season is not that far away helps me make it through. And remembering what an amazing season the Caps had helps me focus on what’s to come in the 2016-17 season!

Look for pictures from the blog to be from better angles and closer up, because your FICP team has moved closer to the action!  I’m not the only one who moved!   Maggie and Brittney moved to their seats from the 200s to the 100s and will be covering the other end of the ice!  Moving on up..wait.. That’s moving on down!

Get excited Caps fans!! This season will be a good one all around and we will be there covering it for you from start to finish!!!

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